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Who is Buckey?

Buckey isn't a him...or a her; it's them.

The name was chosen in recognition of, perhaps, the most beautiful and stately of the wild life species that inhabit New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, the white tailed deer. White tailed deer abound in the Lakes Region: the delicate fawns in the spring, the graceful, soft-eyed does, and the legendary antlered bucks of autumn.

No matter what your age or how many white tails you have seen, spotting one-or several-is always a thrill. And, in the Lakes Region, white tailed deer are just one of the many wild creatures you can see. Sightings of the majestic moose, bear, fox raccoons, porcupine, coyote, and the many species of birds, including a wide array of song birds and such exotic types as grouse, wild turkeys and the fabled loon are common.

Throughout the warmer months of the year, it is not unusual to see a line of cars parked precariously on the shoulder of a road and crowds of excited tourists pointing fingers and smartphones at a moose grazing obliviously in plain sight.

Catching a glimpse of New Hampshire’s wildlife is an extra treat for residents and visitors in the Lakes Region, but it is wise to remember that interfering with nature’s ways can lead to tragic outcomes for both wildlife and humans.

The first thing to remember is that no matter how well-intentioned or how much fun it is, feeding wild creatures is not good for them. The food they are fed is usually not suited to their normally healthy diet. Further, it can lead animals to become dependent on handouts and draw them to areas that are dangerous for them. Feeding water fowl can be a deadly treat for the birds because they quickly become dependent on the handouts and suffer when their human friends go away for the winter.

Second, remember wild life is just that…wild. Animals should never be approached too closely. Getting too close to a bear can spell real trouble. Keep your distance.

And most important, be extra alert when driving at night, especially on narrow winding roads with little or no shoulders.
Each year hundreds of deer are killed in collisions with automobiles and the damage to the vehicles is estimated in the tens of thousands. Worse, many people are killed or seriously injured as a result of auto collisions with moose that can weigh up to 1,500 pounds!

Common sense will make wildlife observations more fun…and help make sure nature’s creatures are among our lasting wonders in the Lakes Region.

On your next visit to the Lakes Region, make sure to include a stop or two at Buckey’s!

“Where good friends Meat!”